The Danger of Inner-City Drug Gangs (Issue #1)

Sunday, February 26th, 2012
Rusty Shackleford

Today, McClure’s regrets to announce the miserable death of one of Harrisburg’s most esteemed young artists, Darrel Robinson. Son of James & Margaret Robinson, Darrel died as an unfortunate result of drug crime in the city.

Before his death, I was tasked with interviewing Darrel regarding his newest sculpture, an award winning cubist piece titled “Soul Transcending Hell.” Darrel’s work was selected to be put on display at Susquehanna Art Museum. He was the youngest sculptor ever to be presented there.

When interviewed, Darrel appeared to be under the influence of controlled substances. He was paranoid & worried about the future, aggressive in his words & passionate about his art & future.

Disaster struck at his first opening. Men in a local drug-gang broke into the showing at the Susquehanna Art Museum & began smashing apart tables of refreshments. They caused a panic & toppled over Darrel’s statue, destroying it. Darrel fled the scene.

Waiting in the back lot was group of thugs armed with bats & shotguns. As Darrel ran out of the museum & into his car the thugs opened fire, disabling his vehicle. Afterward they approached him & shot him dead in cold blood. They ran, leaving no trace.

When officers of the local police department checked his dorm room, they found the place looted. All of Darrel’s money & valuables were taken, presumably as payment for unpaid drug debts. The authorities have no leads.

Darrel’s passing is a local disaster. A travesty of justice in a community steeped in art & culture. The brutal nature of the murder shows clearly the depths of depravity that drug-gangs have sunk to, even in seemingly peaceful neighborhoods.

This death could have been avoided. It was a casualty in the failed war on drugs, a baseless war, with no victory in sight. The power of the drug-gangs could be eliminated, cross-border cartel violence could be halted, & needless deaths like Darrel’s could be stopped forever. All we need is legalization.

I ask you all to keep Darrel & his family in your thoughts & prayers. Don’t let my cause get in the way of honest grief.

“See, the Lord has called by name Bezalel; and he has filled him with the Spirit of God, with skill, with intelligence, with knowledge, and with all craftsmanship. And he has inspired him to teach."
Exodus 35:30-35

The Danger of Inner-City Drug Gangs (Issue #1)

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