Request for Nonlethal Shotgun Ammunition

REQUESTED BY - Rusty Shackleford
ITEM REQUESTED - Nonlethal Shotgun Ammunition
REASON REQUESTED - After the events of the last mission, I took some time to “meditate” on the events. I became fixated on the killing I had done. That young man’s head popped like a watermelon, he had a life ahead of him, dreams… he was an artist. I realized that we may have Secured the target & Contained it successfully, but we by no means Protected those who needed it most. An innocent life was lost. I cannot do that again.

ADDENDUM - I have found replacement, nonlethal ammunition. While these rounds come from a novelty company, I am sure the Foundation can produce or procure them for a highly discounted price. The Rubber Rocket Projectile replaces slug rounds & the Hornet’s Nest replaces buckshot. See attached links for details (these rounds seem to have range & stopping power comparable to standard rounds).
Hornet’s Nest
Rubber Rocket

DATE - 3/10/2012

On the subject of non-lethal shotgun ammunition, I’m partial to the XREP cartridge by Taser International. It’s not just effective, it looks badass.

Request for Nonlethal Shotgun Ammunition

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