Savage Containment Procedures

SCP-173 Obtained by Field Team

Today the newly requisition field team consisting of: Dr. Jack Hall, Dr. Bobby “The Science” Thunder, Gabe Mallory, Rusty Shackleford embarked on a trip to Penn State Mont Alto to collect what we thought would be our newest acquistion of SCP-173. During the trip they were attacked by SCP-745 known by most as “The Headlights”. This SCP is characterized by its behavior for disguising itself as a vehicle using its bio-luminescent head, and ramming vehicles and eating in the occupants once the vehicle is disabled. The Headlights were quickly dispatched through the use of Dr. Thunder’s Toastinator.

The team’s van was still in working condition after the crash and they loaded back into the van and made there way to the college. When they arrived, the team elected to find the art department of the college where the murders occurred. They found a statue that immediately grabbed the attention of Dr. Thunder. Dr. Thunder perhaps through some type of premonition seemed to know that the statue would react when not being viewed. The statue, however, was intelligent enough to know that if it attacked then it would not be able to defend itself.

Afterward, the field team went to find the student that sculpted the statue. Through a cloud of bong smoke the team managed to find the student. After, Dr. Thunder sampled the [REDACTED] Rusty Shackleford tried to interrogate the student using his ESP, but found he was unable to detect the students thoughts through the thick cloud of THC. The student was still willing to tell them where the clay came from, however, and Dr. Jack Hall and Dr. Bobby Thunder decided to investigate instead of sleep.

The investigation proved short lived though when Dr.’s Thunder and Hall were attacked by six instances of SCP 745. The attack was dispatched at the cost of multiple injuries sustained to both men. Dr. Hall decided to go back to the campus to rest, while Dr. Thunder thought that the ground would be a better suited place for rest. In the morning, the field team was greeted with the gruesome site of Dr. Thunder having [REDACTED] himself. Thunder then got up and cleaned himself off and rejoined the field team.

The field team then discovered the source of the clay used in creating the statue. They found that it had the ability to change color when unobserved and take over living organisms when ingested. It was discovered to have traveled with the instances of SCP 745 aboard some type of space craft. Once the field team knew what the statue was they were able to determine that it should have been taken away from the art exhibition it was headed to.

After heading to the art exhibition the field team had to fight the statue to the death after the lights in the exhibit housing it were destroyed by the statues sculptor. Rusty Shackleford was able to deftly destroy the statue with a blast from both barrels of his shotgun and the statue formed into a puddle on the floor. The sample on the ground was collected and the team went to find the sculptor.

The field team found the car of the sculptor and Rusty Shackleford with a quick blast of his shotgun destroyed the tires of the driver car. When Shackleford approached the car to question the sculptor he saw that the mind controlling qualities of SCP-173 had effected the sculptor. He was dealt with by Shackleford. The official Foundation response is that he was a victim of gang violence on the streets of Harrisburg.

While SCP-173 is still being tested all finding can be checked in its official file.

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