Dr. Edgar Blake IV

A Site Director at The Foundation


Dr. Blake comes from a long line of prominent American paranormal researchers. When his grandfather heard that the foundation was forming he moved out of the now well known south west metropolis known as Salsipuedes. That small town was one of the few south western areas that prospered due in part to a legion of children raised at a local orphanage that grew to fight off the major threats that existed in that part of the country before the foundation could contain them.

When his ancestors arrived back to the east coast a long tradition of prominent paranormal researchers was established. Blake continues that line of researchers by being the man to spearhead the reclassifying of over fifty SCPs. In addition his father was the man who established the current system of classification of SCPs that is used to this day.

As a result, the Blake family is considered to always have a place in the foundation and any future members of the family are usually shoo-ins for the joint site director positions. The only downside to the Blake family as a group of researchers seems to be their obsession with vampire related SCPs. The belief of the foundation is that one of the Blake ancestors has had a run in with vampires, this has lead to the foundation restricting access to SCP-083


Dr. Edgar Blake IV

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