Dr. Bright

The Personnel Director


No. He’s not our mascot and yes he does mind that you are staring at him. Dr. Bright was one of the top students at his university when his brother was taken by The Foundation because of the abilities he was possessing. When he inquired about his brother he was offered a position at The Foundation so that he could stay in contact with his brother. He worked his way up to a staff director position and then underwent an accident.

Dr. Bright was killed while in position of SCP 963, a ruby pendant. When trying to figure out what it does he was killed when a specimen was failed to be contained. When SCP 963 was given to a D-Class staff member to wear as a part of testing the D-Class staff member thought that he was Dr. Bright. From this point onward anyone in possession of the amulet for thirty (30) or more days becomes Dr. Bright, permanently. If the person is in possession of the amulet for less time than thirty days the change is only temporary.

As a result of the pendant their have been multiple Dr. Brights at a time and Bright does not fear death knowing he can come back in the future using SCP 963. Due to his immortality Dr. Bright and all multiplicities of Bright are housed at in house apartment like complexes and report to work each day. His two favorite possessions he claims are monkeys because of the increased limberness and British men claiming he is not “a” doctor at the facility but “The” Doctor, referencing his ability to regenerate.

For a greater idea of the exploits of Dr. Bright since his reincarnation visit his entire infraction file here


Dr. Bright

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