Dr. Alto Clef

Director of Specimen Destruction


Dr. Alto Clef was hired by The Foundation for his outstanding record at the Global Occult Coalition working as part of a termination unit specifically for reality benders. Clef racked up an astounding ninety-nine kills in a field where many people do not reach the double digits. Little is known about Clef except for the following: Clef’s legal and preferred name is an A major chord played on a ukulele, his face appears to be unphotographable for his file we have provided a sketch instead, when photographed Clef’s head will appear to be that of a seemingly random animal.

The last fact that we at The Foundation have been trying to solve is what exactly is Dr. Clef. We are fairly certain that he is not human due to his facial features, one eye blue one eye green and a wide smile that nearly goes ear to ear. Despite Clef’s odd facial features the staff does not appear to be off put by him at all and even though he has a proclivity for bad jokes and terrible puns many staff members love to be around him.


Dr. Alto Clef

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